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Visa service

Almost welcome to Vietnam. It's our great pleasure to assist you in getting your visa for Vietnam, and we would like take this chance to thank you for your interest in our Friends Travel Vietnam site.

We would like to make a different for our guest in experience and make it easy to travel in Vietnam. We saw that applying visa in your home country or organizing online is a hassle, very costly and time consuming  

A passport and a visa are required for entry into Vietnam. A regular tourist visa is valid for up to 30 days. However, some Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos are exempted from visa when entering Vietnam. Vietnam also has a visa exemption for Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish citizens. Passport holders from these countries can travel to Vietnam up to 15 days without applying for tourist visas. 

  1. Easy to apply your Visa on Arrival letter!
  2. Easy to apply for 1 month visa or 3 month multiple or single entry.
  3. Get your Visa now! Our pricing we is very competitive. 
  4. Only 2 days working you will receive your visa .

Vietnam Visa on Arrival with Friends Travel Vietnam vs. Vietnam Visa at Embassy

In order to get visa to Vietnam, you may choose one of two options including applying Vietnam visa at Embassy (traditional way, visa picked up at Vietnam Embassies) and Vietnam Visa on arrival with Friends Travel Vietnam (visa picked up at Vietnam International Airports).

However, each option seems to be quite different in terms of applicable applicants and procedure. Now, let’s learn more details about the two options of getting Vietnam visa.

Applicable applicants


Vietnam Visa on arrival with us

Vietnam Visa at Embassy


Air travelers via international airports

All travelers with any means of transport

Procedure for getting Vietnam visa

1. Submitting visa application


Vietnam Visa on arrival with us

Vietnam Visa at Embassy

Required documents

  • With us, you need to fill into our secured application form online.
    This document is only required for getting Visa approval letter
  • Application form with signature and photo attached
  • Original passport or copy of original passport 

Submitting documents

  • With us, you only need to submit application online easily via our secured network, and then we will process your visa information and submit your visa application to and do other necessary procedures on your behalf with Vietnam Immigration Department. In case of any problem, we shall revolve the problem on your behalf.


  • In person or by post
  • Might use services of a travel agent or organization in submitting the visa application


  • Service fee for visa approval letter arrangement (pricing is published on the website
  • Stamping fee for visa stamp (paid to Vietnam Immigration Officers) – pay later in cash at airports when arriving in Vietnam
  • Visa Service Vietnam offer you the cheapest price for you Visa on Arrival letter

For further information, please check our prices

  • Other current fees such as visa approval arrangement fee, processing fee, shipping, handling and expedited services…(depend on different embassies or agent in different countries)
  • Fee for stamping visa.
  • More expensive in general 



2. Processing time


Vietnam Visa on arrival with us

Vietnam Visa at Embassy

Normal service

2 business days

around 5 business days

Expedited service

4 hours to 1 business day

Around 1 to 2 business days

Note: Visa processing time is different from embassy to embassy, so we suggest you contact your nearest embassy for more accurate information.

3. Getting visa stamped


Vietnam Visa on arrival with us

Vietnam Visa at Embassy


When arriving in Vietnam

Along with original passports from Vietnam embassies


At Immigration Counter at one of the 7 arrival airports in Vietnam

At Vietnam Embassy where you have applied for visa


Present visa approval letter with necessary documents at Immigration Counter to have visa stamped onto your passport
You get all documents from us by email!

Visa already stamped onto your passport when embassies sent the passports back

4. Pros & Cons


Vietnam Visa on arrival with us

Vietnam Visa at Embassy


  • No need to send your original passport away
  • A completely online process
  • Taking only a short time to apply for a visa on arrival online, all that’s required is a computer with internet connection
  • No dealing with immigration authorities. We deal with that on your behalf.
  • Especially convenient for those who are on a trip to different countries and have no time to apply for a visa at Vietnam embassies
  • Having visa already stamped onto your passport before getting on plane
  • Dealing directly with Vietnam embassies


  • Queuing waiting time average 15 min in front of Immigration Counter at arrival airports in Vietnam to have visa stamp
  • Foreigners cannot apply for visa on arrival themselves, the application must go through travel agencies in Vietnam or organizations specifically authorized by Vietnam Immigration Office
  • Parting with your original passport
  • Having to drive to nearest embassies or sending documents by mail
  • What if the nearest Vietnam embassy is too far from your place?


Duration Kind Visa Valid Days Process Time Price per Applicant  
1 month single entry/exit 30 24 - 48 hours 12 $USD  
3 months single entry/exit 90 24 - 48 hours 19 $USD  
1 month multiple entry/exit 30 24 - 48 hours 17 $USD  
3 months multiple entry/exit 90 24 - 48 hours 29 $USD  


Apply your "Visa on Arrival"


  1. Choose single entry, or multiple entries and your length of stay "1 month or 3 months visa''
  2. Choose how many applicant(s) need to apply for "Visa on Arrival"
  3. In this step, you are required to enter the exact personal information of the applicant(s)
  4. Ex: Full name, Date of birth, Passport Number, Nationality, Date of arrival, Vietnam visa length 
  5. Please send al required information to us at info@friendstravelvietnam.com